There are various tools that one can use to cut wood, but if you have an angle grinder and you’re wondering if you can use it to cut wood then the answer is YES.

You can definitely use angle grinders to cut wood, however, the kickback tends to be very fierce, and the blade can get trapped in the wood – which can be very scary…right?

However, it’s a sort of unsafe trick that you’ll have to learn.

If you need to cut wood with an angle grinder, you’ll need the right cutting disc to match your tool. The blade should be specifically for wood cutting if you want to get through wood material with precision and accuracy. 

It would also help if you employed the right techniques when cutting to keep yourself safe and minimize the risk of injuries. So continue reading…

Why Use An Angle Grinder To Cut Wood?

can angle grinders cut wood

Grinders are generally used to cut metal in masonry. An angle grinder is a powerful tool for various metal fabrication works like cutting, grinding, finishing, and polishing.

It takes enough experience to make a detailed cut when making a carved armrest for a bar or a round rod from square stock. Therefore, if you’re looking into carving logs with preciseness, it may be a good idea to use an angle grinder, but it’s not a toy in the least bit.

A grinder also makes an excellent choice when making odd shapes of wood, such as concave surfaces, convex, round notches, and soft curved edges. You can use the grinder for the course work and smooth out the surface with other tools.

Unless you’re making small cutoffs, an angle grinder is not meant to cut wood material as it burns your way through the wood and can ruin your discs. 

However, if the grinder uses a smaller diameter blade for woodwork, you will cut through the wood, but it won’t provide the same depth of cut as it would with a circular saw.

Choosing the Right Blade to Cut Wood

The combination of an angle grinder power and a three teeth speed cutter saw blade makes cutting wood material an effortless job. It also offers the right balance between safety and functionality.

Although it’s not an abrasive blade typical in grinders, three teeth speed cutting blades feel comfortable to use, ensures safe work, and creates an acceptable radial resistance value at a high rotation speed.

The blade features three teeth to cut through the material. Now, you might think this is a bad thing, mainly if you’re used to seeing circular blade saws, but this is what will make your grinder a versatile tool for woodwork. 

The three teeth blade reduces the possibility of a kickback.

There are many types of blades for woodwork that you will find in the market. For instance, T Tovia 3 Woodcarving Saw Blade and Graff Grinder Wood Carving Disc make an ideal choice for cutting and shaping wood material. 

The discs are designed for cutting, sculpting, and shaping. Now, let’s get to the process of cutting wood with an angle grinder. 

Can Angle Grinders Cut Wood? Tips and Tricks

what is a grinder

A speed cutter disc is specifically designed for cutting wood. The blade features three large tungsten carbide teeth in a slightly odd wheel shape, a unique anti-kickback design to handle the stress of woodcutting with an angle grinder. 

On the other hand, angle grinders feature a powerful no-load speed motor of 11,000 – 12,000 RPM for precise cuts on demanding projects compared to a circular saw that features a no-load speed of 5,000 RPM.

The spin rotation makes them too fast and presents a considerable risk of injury when cutting wood material. 

Conversely, unlike circular saws, which include a sole plate and other safety features to create a stable surface to cut on, angle grinders are completely freehand, which presents a problem when cutting wood as you must direct it at the cut line with your hand. 

Remember, this is a dangerous tool that you should never work with without supervision if you’re uncomfortable, and should only be used by professional.

When working with an angle grinder to cut wood, you are working at your own risk! Besides, if it’s something that you don’t need to use often, you’re better off with the proper tool for the job.

Here are three tips and tricks to follow when cutting wood with an angle grinder:

#1 Install a Speed Cutter Disc in Your Grinder

Grinders have a half guard like a fender, which must be directed down to protect your fingers. But, it would be best if you angled it up enough so that you can allow the blade to sink in the material so that you can have a comfortable position. 

  • Always unplug the tool from the source of power when changing blades
  • Rotate the tool by depressing a little catch behind the guard to get the set where you want
  • Install your blade and point the teeth in the direction that the tool spins – clockwise direction
  • Confirm by checking on the little arrow on the grinder that indicates spin orientation and also on the blade
  • Ensure they point in the same direction so that the teeth are engaging head-on
  • Ensure the blade is securely tightened

#2 Set the Correct Speed

Most angle grinders run at a speed of 11,000 – 12,000 RPM. The speed rate is too fast, especially when handling wood material.  

Therefore, exercise extreme caution when working with an angle grinder. The tool should not exceed the recommended RPM when cutting through the material.  

#3 Cut the Wood

When cutting wood, always make a cut line to give you something to follow. Hold the angle grinder tool with both hands in front of you and release the trigger when changing positions. 

You can use the blade guard for stability or as a pivot and set the bottom edge on the wood you want to cut. Slowly, rotate the blade down into the stock and cut. 

It’s important to note that angle grinders cut when the blade teeth spin down towards the floor rather than the ceiling. It also makes it easy to cut out when you start at the far end of the piece and draw it back towards you.

However, the process is not very easy, and you may end up with a rough edge. Besides, the blade doesn’t cut that deeply because it’s not that big, so if you have a thick stock, your disc might not get it all at once.

Even if the blades aren’t as clean as circular saws, angle grinders shine with wood carving and grinding. Since the teeth stick out of the disc’s surface, they offer an excellent angle for smooth grooving and rabbet cutting.

Hold the blade flat and with both hands and with the leading edge trim away and lightly gouge the piece as you reveal new layers. The blade goes through the material like butter. 

If you’re looking for more carving capacity it can work wonders with a wood cutting bit in a grinder. It takes away material in a smooth, delicate touch. Also, with a lot of careful control, you can create grooves of various depths. 

Angle grinders can cut wood, and having the right blade handy can be useful for cutting, carving and grinding plywood, chipboard, hardboard, and a variety of other materials. 

Personal Protection When Using an Angle Grinder to Cut Wood

Angle grinders lack safety features you’d find in a circular saw. Here are some personal protection tips to remember when working with this little but powerful tool. 

  • If you want to use an angle grinder to cut wood, you need to prepare your workstation
  • Always hold the tool out away from you when you turn it on or handle it live. The grinder’s exposed blade doesn’t have any spring-loaded blade guard and can present a potential hazard to the user
  • Since your hands can get flayed from flying debris, make sure to use work gloves when making cuts
  • Don’t remove the guard. Work in a way that the dust is thrown more towards you than away from you to prevent kickback
  • Keep your eyes safe and use safety glasses and a full face shield.
  • Work in a properly ventilated area
  • Hold the tool with both hands whenever you’re working.
  • Pay close attention to the cutting disc’s expiry date, which is stamped on the inner metal ring

For the safest operation, use an angle grinder with the “dead man switch” which switches off the tool in the case of a rare event like a wheel breakage.

Ensure that the switch is always on whenever you use the tool to minimize the risk of injury.

Final Words

With the right blade, an angle grinder can be a robust blade for cutting all your woodwork, including carving away large sections with ease.

The disc is much quicker than a chisel, and any sculptor would appreciate the speed they can cut through the material.

If you’re still wondering – can angle grinders cut wood? With the right cutting disc, to match your tool, you’ll cut through a range of materials with speed and precision.