Have you been looking to invest in the best new bench grinder model for sharpening knives in your workshop or business? It can often seem a little difficult to decide on the best bench grinder models for your needs, and every model naturally has different pros and cons overall.

With this in mind, today, we’re taking a look at the seven best bench grinder models for sharpening knives you could invest in for your own grinding needs.

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The Top 7 Bench Grinder Models for Sharpening Knives You Could Invest in 

At this point, we’ve considered several of the different factors you may want to look for from your choice of bench grinder. However, knowing where to start with your search for the best bench grinder models for sharpening knives can often be a little puzzling, which is why we have outlined some of our top picks for the seven best bench grinder models as follows to help.

1) Best Bench Grinder for Value: DEWALT Bench Grinder, 8-Inch (DW758)

First of all, we should start by considering the best value for money bench grinder model – something that’s often an important factor for many people. Indeed, it’s not uncommon for bench grinders to climb into hundreds of dollars for a single unit; if this is outside of your budget, the DEWALT DW758 model could offer a refreshing alternative.

One of the key selling points that make the DEWALT DW758 great value is its ¾ HP motor, which allows it to provide exceptionally powerful and fast grinding – ideal if you have numerous knives that need sharpening at once. As such, this handy model might just be the ideal option if you have been looking for a bench grinder that can cover all bases thanks to its impressive 3,600RPM.

In fact, this bench grinder is ideal both for polishing tools and sharpening knives through to heavy grinding applications and more. This is further supported by the durable cast iron design, which helps give the model more weight and makes it easier to use.


  • Incredible value for money, especially considering the high-power motor makes it effective for numerous different tasks, including polishing, sharpening, and grinding, as well as other applications.
  • Ideal for use with sharpening knives and even lawn mower blades, a function that the model has been widely used for with past customers.
  • High-quality, heavy, and durable cast iron and sheet metal casing, as opposed to a plastic casing which can be common on cheaper models.
  • Provides an exceptionally high standard of finish in comparison to most other bench grinders in the same price bracket
  • Alternative models come with an additional wire wheel to provide the utmost versatility during use, if needed.


  • The model can be prone to vibrations in some cases if not bolted to the surface before use.
  • The model can get hot if allowed to vibrate, especially over longer-term use. 
  • Doesn’t offer variable speeds.
  • One of the heaviest models of bench grinders 

2) Best Choice Bench Grinder: Draper 05096 150mm 370W 230V Bench Grinder

If you’ve been looking for a bench grinder model that’s able to do it all, along with just sharpening knives then you may want to consider the Draper 05096 model. This model features an undeniably unique design that takes the 05095 model a step further thanks to the inclusion of a sanding belt and worklight, making it practical for use in even more scenarios than before.

As such, if you’ve been looking to sharpen knives, you’ll see excellent results with this model thanks to its versatile grinder wheels and the ability to sand down the blade after for a smooth, clean finish.

The 05096 model is designed to offer maximum ease of use overall and is designed with a lightweight carry stand that weighs just 5kg. 

The model itself weighs in at just over 11kg, which also makes it easy to move about to wherever it’s needed most. It is corded, which could somewhat limit its use; however, this is a pivotal component of ensuring that the grinder remains durable and high-powered at all times.

The 05096 model is designed with superior stability in mind, making it easier than ever to use this model safely. In addition, the inbuilt incandescent work light allows users to carry on working, even when the sun has set – something that may be tricky with traditional lights due to shadowing.

The model itself isn’t perfect, and past customers often point out that it can get a little hot during use; as such, if you choose to go for this bench grinder model, make sure you keep an eye on the temperature. Indeed, when sharpening knives and blades, excessive heat can bend the blade; as such, always move the blade away occasionally to allow it to cool.

This is likely due to the lack of venting, making it difficult for heat to escape. Nevertheless, it’s a fabulous all-around model that provides countless different grinding functions, and it could hence be an ideal option for any casual bench grinder use, thanks to its sanding belt and choice of fine and coarse grinding wheels.


  • Affordable price for the number of features and wheels on offer
  • Inbuilt with an incandescent light
  • Sanding belt, fine grinder wheel, and coarse grinder wheel all included
  • Lightweight to carry 
  • Highly stable on surfaces


  • May get hotter than some other models
  • Other models may offer a cheaper solution if you don’t need so many grinder wheels

3) Best Premium Choice: Sealey BG150CX

If you’ve been looking for a premium-quality bench grinder that can live up to most requirements, the Sealey BG150CX could be just what you need. 

Indeed, this model is certainly one of the most versatile on this list and can do a little bit of everything and more; this incredible versatility has largely contributed to its excellent past customer reviews, and it’s an ideal option for sharpening knives as well, especially thanks to the in-built anti vibration technologies.

If you ask us, a premium bench grinder needs to fulfill a few key roles. First, it needs to be reliable; second, it must be able to handle heavy-duty tasks; and third, it should come with plenty of different features to make it worth the expense. Luckily, the Sealey BG150CX does all of this and more, making it an excellent premium bench grinder model.


  • Excellent versatility to work on numerous different applications, including sanding, polishing, and grinding, thanks to the provided wire wheel and aluminous oxide stone grit wheel, giving users more versatility than many other solutions.
  • Includes a wheel dresser for easy and safe wheel cleaning, ensuring all projects are finished to an exceptionally high standard.
  • Pivoting work light allows users to continue operating the tool even in low light conditions, which is especially important for poorly lit workshops or those working at night or in the early morning when lighting may be limited. 
  • Safety covers over each grinder, ensuring that users are less likely to get hurt during use
  • Excellent anti-vibration technologies help reduce the buildup of heat within the grinder; this also helps minimise the sound output of the grinder and gives it superior stability.
  • Easy to use for all levels, including beginner grinder users and more experienced users alike.


  • More expensive than many other models on this list
  • Heavier than some bench grinders, which may make it a little tricky to move
  • Doesn’t come with installation instructions included, which may be a source of frustration in some cases, especially for new bench grinder users.

4) OLenyer Mini Belt Sander

If you’ve been looking for the best bench grinder model for sharpening knives, the OLenyer mini belt sander could be just the alternative you need. Often, finding a bench grinder that’s intended exclusively for sharpening knives is often unpractical, and many are far too large to offer close control. 

However, this model is much more easy to handle, measuring just 10 X 7 X 6 inches in size; as such, if you’re looking for an affordable and practical option, this might be just what you need overall. Plus, with a staggering RPM of 4500-9000, it’s far quicker for sharpening knives than many other options.

This mini version not only offers an almost unbeatable price for top-quality bench grinder technologies, but it is also capable of running at numerous speeds thanks to the inbuilt adapter– making it highly effective for customising your knife sharpness. 

If you’re not entirely comfortable with running the model at a higher RPM, simply run the tool at a lower speed and continue as if there weren’t any issues to be had.

It’s worth considering that the model is incredibly small; this makes it lightweight, but it does surprise some customers when the product arrives. As such, make sure you take this in mind before ordering; if you’d prefer a larger model of bench grinder for sharpening knives, we’d likely recommend one of the other models we’ve listed today with a sanding belt instead.


  • Excellent value for money.
  • Lightweight nature makes the tool exceptionally easy to use, even with vibrations. Vibrations are further minimized thanks to the stable design, which includes an anti-skid design and double bearings for maximum stability overall.
  • Seven different speed options allow you to customise your knife’s sharpness based on your own unique requirements and confidence levels.
  • Designed from premium-quality stainless steel materials to keep the device working for as long as possible.
  • Made to offer a quiet sharpening experience with minimal vibrations, especially in comparison to some of the larger and heavier bench grinders on today’s list.
  • Durable stainless steel construction for long-term strength.


  • Incredibly small in size which could make it a little fiddly for some users.
  • Only suited for sharpening and polishing functions.

5) Best Bench Grinder for DIY: Silverline 612519-240W DIY Bench Grinder

If you’ve been looking for an affordable, high-quality model, the Silverline 612519-240W DIY tool could be just what you need. Of course, this is especially true for new home-based grinder users, for whom other models may seem a little daunting and heavy-duty overall.

Indeed, while it hasn’t necessarily got all of the features and versatile solutions as the later models on this list, it’s certainly one of the best value for money bench grinder models you’ll find anywhere. It’s also more than suitable for sharpening knives, as it’s a lightweight and easy to use grinder that’s perfect for smaller applications.

However, if you’re looking for a model that will live up to heavy-duty applications, this may not be it. Indeed, since the model is best suited to personal DIY use rather than commercial applications. For a commercial bench grinder model, we recommend considering the WEN 4280 if you’re looking to balance power with price.

Nevertheless, there’s a lot to love about the Silverline 612519-20W, aside from the price alone. Indeed, it comes with two steel tool rests – a great perk to keep your workspace organised when sharpening knives – as well as a grinding wheel, a spark arrestor, and even an eye shield. 

The model has a speed of 2950RPM, which is around 20% slower than the fastest bench grinders. Still, for sharpening knives, a super-fast blade spin won’t necessarily impact the final quality anyway. 


  • Excellent value for money
  • In-built belt sander allows for fine finishing of projects and materials
  • Excellent for DIY projects and smaller-scale tasks 
  • Smooth running motor and easily manageable speeds on the grinder and sander for inexperienced or new bench grinder users.
  • Doesn’t get too hot during use, unlike many other models which can easily overheat
  • Oversized eye shields and tool rests allow for safe, easy use.


  • Expensive to buy 
  • Speed is not adjustable

6) Best Bench Grinder for Quiet Knife Sharpening: JET JBG-6W Bench Grinder

One of the most common grinding issues that many people face with bench grinders for sharpening knives is that they’re often noisy, be it due to the sound associated with running the motor or the vibrations resulting from the machine’s use overall. With this in mind, if this is something that you have also been considering, you may want to look at whether the JET JBG-6W Bench Grinder could be a good fit for your knife sharpening needs.

Specifically designed with quiet performance in mind, this model runs at between 115V and has an impressive RPM of 3450; despite this, it features exceptionally low-noise and low-vibration thanks to its unique vibration-dampening rubber mounts. This also helps keep the tool stable on your bench, making it easier to control the knife while sharpening overall.

There’s certainly a lot to love about the JET JGB 6W. And, as such, it could be a contender if you’ve been looking for a model that can keep the noise down. What’s more, it’s also one of the more powerful models on this list, so you can certainly complete most heavy-duty applications, along with sharpening heavier blades, and other heavy duty tasks.

Of course, the most notable drawback is that it doesn’t come with an inbuilt belt sander, but its versatility and dual wheels still ensure it’s an excellent tool for the majority of applications; you might just need to invest in an external belt sander to give your projects that top-class finish.


  • High power at 3450RPM, despite being a quiet model to run.
  • Designed with vibration-dampening rubber mounts to ensure stability on the surface and quieter operations
  • Double dust ports ensure that you won’t have to worry about a messy workspace
  • Spark protection guards help prevent injuries during use
  • Features a powerful single-phase alternating current motor


  • More expensive than other models on this list.
  • Doesn’t come with a belt sander included for final polishing purposes.

7) Best Miniature Bench Grinder: Scheppach 5903106901 Mini Double Grinder

If you’ve been looking to invest in a new bench grinder, but you’re not entirely sure which model to go for, you could consider trying the Scheppach 5903106901 instead. 

Indeed, as far as bench grinders go, this small model actually packs a surprisingly powerful kick, making it highly effective for precision grinding applications, especially for smaller knifes or for sharpening a particular region of a knife blade. 

Of course, you could also use it for larger projects; however, achieving consistency with the narrow wheels might be a little more difficult overall for full-scale projects.

This model is often praised for its durability for DIY projects and is also easy to put together and use. Some customers have expressed concerns regarding the size of the model, but overall, it does exactly what it says on the tin: it’s a powerful mini bench grinder that is ideal for smaller-scale projects and won’t just buckle under the pressure. Plus, it’s actually an ideal size for sharpening knives, which don’t necessarily need a particularly large wheel.

This particular model is German-made and is much loved around the world. And, with a truly staggering variable speed of up to 9900 RPM, you’ll also be hard-pressed to find a more powerful small-scale grinder. As such, if you can make do with the limited 75mm diameter on the wheels, this model could be ideal for you.


  • Exceptionally powerful RPM of up to 9900 thanks to the powerful in-built induction motor.
  • Designed to last with top-quality engineering and construction, ensuring the device can handle even moderate to heavy-duty tasks.
  • Excellent for both DIY and commercial use (although its applications may be more limited in some scenarios).
  • Can be combined easily with a polishing or buffing wheel where needed, and switching wheels is very quick; this makes it ideal for sharpening and polishing knife blades.
  • Sturdy with minimal vibrations thanks to the wide foot.
  • The model comes with a 100-part accessory case to keep the tool working at its best.


  • The small width of 75mm on the grinding wheels may be too restricted for applications other than sharpening knives.
  • More expensive even than some full-size bench grinder models.
  • The model can be prone to corrosion and rust if not regularly cleaned, although this is easily cleaned off thanks to the provided tool kit.

Features to Consider When Buying The Best Bench Grinder for Sharpening Knives

Before looking any further, it’s critical that we start by considering some of the key things you should look for from the best bench grinder model. Of course, the exact features you should look for from an ideal bench grinder will often come down to personal taste and the exact use you need from your bench grinder. Nevertheless, there are a few things you could consider to help make your decision a little easier.

Value For Money

Does the bench grinder offer good value for money? There’s no point in overpaying for a bench grinder that only does an average quality job; however, along a similar line of thought, there may be a reason why some bench grinder models are cheap. As such, you should carefully consider the price as part of your final decision. You should also compare your chosen model against other similar tools to see if you’re paying a fair price for the model you’ve selected.


Another factor you could consider when looking for the best bench grinder model is speed. Indeed, not all bench grinders work at the same speed, which may make them ideal for different applications. Indeed, the majority of bench grinders operate at around 3,500rpm; however, if you’re looking for the best bench grinder for sharpening knives and blades, you’ll probably want one that’s substantially slower than this instead. This is a prominent point to factor into your final decision; so, never invest in a bench grinder until you know it can run at the best speed for your needs.

Grinder Wheel Variety

A common consideration when choosing a grinder wheel model should be the wheel variety you’ve chosen – and this can play a prominent role in your final decision. Indeed, the wheel variety will directly impact the final quality of the surface after you’ve used your new bench grinder. 

For example, straight wheels – which are usually the most common – will produce a concave surface. However, a tapered wheel may be better for work that’s a little more delicate and fiddly. These are just two of the different wheel types, and each wheel is best suited to a different application. As such, you must have considered this as part of your final decision. Check out our top 5 best bench grinder wheels.

What Grit Type?

Another factor you may want to consider when investing in the best bench grinder models is the grit type the bench grinder is designed for. Indeed, while you may be able to switch between grit types, some models are specifically designed for certain types of grit and may be less effective when used with other types. As such, this could be a factor to consider as part of your decision. Plus, if your model comes with a pre-fitted grinding wheel. Grit hardness and grit sizes should also be considered here to ensure your chosen model will be up to the task.

Final Thoughts

There’s no doubt that investing in a bench grinder for sharpening knives can come with significant challenges, but this decision is one you can’t afford to get wrong. Luckily, though, our experts have been on hand today to help you find out a little more about the different models available to you and how each performs overall.

As such, we hope this guide will have helped you find the best bench grinder model for your own workshop’s needs. If you’re looking for a top-value product, the DEWALT DW758 could be just what you need. Meanwhile, the best overall model for easy use with excellent stability, lightweight design, and versatility has to be the Draper 05096. And, finally, if you’re looking for a premium model that can do it all, the Sealey BG150CX could be the best bench grinder for your workshop.