The best bench grinder wheels should be on every professional’s toolkit. With a well-built and evenly balanced wheel, a professional woodworker or masonry can sculpt magnificent designs with ease. However, the market floods with a vast assortment of bench grinder wheels, and not all are compatible with just any bench grinder. 

As such, it’s important that you choose a sturdy fashioned grinder wheel, compatible with your bench grinder

We have reviewed the best bench grinder wheels in 2020 to make your search easier, and also selected our overall winner among our top five picks. Continue reading to find out more…

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Top 5 Best Bench Grinder Wheels in 2020

POWERTEC 15505- Best ChoicePOWERTEC$$9/10
PEARL ABRASIVE BG610120- Premium ChoicePEARL ABRASIVE$$$8.5/10
FORNEY 72404 60- Best ValueFORNEY$$9.5/10

1) POWERTEC 15505 8” Aluminum Oxide wheel– Best Choice

Key Features

  • Maximum cut rate
  • Cooling action feature
  • Long-lasting build
  • Aluminum oxide construction

Why we like it

This sturdy bench grinder wheel offers a fine choice for working on heat-sensitive and high-strength steels. It follows a convenient design that’s ideal for fast and cool cutting. This is important since this aids the reduction of tool wear. 

In the same fashion, this improves grinding-assembly performance, enhancing its cutting-action. It’s an exemplary choice for professionals seeking fine and smooth cuts. 

Construction design

It is a well-balanced grinder wheel that bears a practical design aimed at improving its cutting action. It has a 120-grit, which offers medium to fine sharpening results on different materials, including steel. This provides the wheel with a maximum cut rate that ensures you can handle almost any cutting, polishing or sharpening task. 

It measures approximately 8 x 8 x 1 inches, with an arbor size of 5/8”. However, it’s devoid of an arbor bushing, but is enjoined directly to the arbor. This makes it a challenge to create a 1” through hole. Also, the wheel weighs 3.64 pounds, and is compatible with nearly all stationary bench grinders, allowing dauntless installation. 

Material durability

This particular bench grinder helm features a sturdy and long-lasting design. The manufacturer employs white aluminum oxide to coat the wheel’s outer body. This construction creates a premium vitrified bond, making it durable. This also leads to high cutting power, making it the go-to tool for most professionals working ferrous metals, steel or any other hard metal application. 

As you’d know, it’s essential to use such powerful and top-quality wheels to protect your valuable tools from de-tempering. What’s more, the bonded grains will sough off with continued labor, self-renewing and creating a cleaner surface for work. It’s an ultra-hard bench grinder wheel that will stand to serve your projects for a long time, task difficulty notwithstanding.   


  • Suitable for heat-sensitive steel
  • Design fits most bench grinders
  • Offers cool cutting action
  • Durable and long-lasting design


  • Self-renewing abrasive might lead to faster wear and tear


This precision accessory guarantees hassle-free and top-notch grinding and sharpening results. It also features ultra-hard, tough and enduring design that will prompt the quick completion of your pending projects. Furthermore, it’s cost-effective compared to others of a similar class. 

2) Pearl Abrasive BG610120 silicon carbide wheel – Premium Choice

Key Features:

  • Silicon carbide construction
  • Acid, water and oil resistant
  • Nested reducing bushing
  • Compatible with numerous bench grinders

Why we like it

Thi is our premium choice for a number of reasons; Starting with the green silicon carbide construction, this particular wheel is a masterpiece. It’s strong, durable and rugged, thus entirely worth the retail price. 

Also, it’s evenly balanced and well-crafted to handle a wide variety of projects. Furthermore, it’s compatible with almost every bench grinder in the market. Thus, if you are looking for a reliable bench grinder wheel to use on carbide tooling, look no further.  

Design and construction

Essentially, this wheel is made of stone, making it ideal for working ferrous and non-ferrous metals. The silicon carbide bench grinding wheel is suitably built to work on tungsten-carbide tipped grinders. It has a maximum speed of 4140rpm, which is similar to the Norton Aluminum oxide abrasives with 1” arbor as you will see reviewed below. 

As such, the wheel provides clear, precise cuts even when dealing with hard application metals. This is why many experts prefer the wheel as the go-to bench grinder wheel for carbide sharpening and cutting. Many professionals also use this wheel to replace Aluminum oxide blades such as POWERTEC when dealing with tough workpieces. 

Convenience and cost

This wheel is conveniently designed and works on both workbench and floor standing grinders thus reducing the hassle of using just a single bench grinder. And, this wheel has a heavier mass, thus ensuring proper balance. This improves safety while also preventing blade breakage. 


  • Affordable and durable
  • Well-balanced and safe
  • Guarantees clear, neat cuts


  • Though it boasts an efficient load time, aging and wearing out occur at an alarming rate chiefly because of constant cleaning


This green silicon carbide wheel provides unmatchable precision and depth of cut. This makes it the go-to tool for sharpening, cutting and grinding carbide materials. What’s more, the blade is cost-effective and evenly balanced for better and consistent level equilibrium. It is totally worth your money. 

3) DEWALT 8” medium crimped wire wheel

Key Features:

  • High safety
  • Well-balanced and smooth performance
  • Consistent level equilibrium
  • Employs a variety of wire materials

Why we like it

Essentially, it comes in a wide array of wire materials, including SS, bronze, steel and even fiber. Each construction material bears individual merits and is built to handle different projects. It’s recommendable for different tasks, including but not limited to deburring, dislodging rust, prepping surfaces and smoothing a weld.  

Durability and construction

Unlike the POWERTEC medium wheel, this bench grinder wheel offers a far lighter option to achieve and meet your grinding goals. 

It employs different construction materials, starting from wires to steel. These materials are tough, durable and long-lasting, which makes this product one of the best bench grinders’ wheel this year. 

What’s more, it comes with crimped wires that enhance mobility while working with different objects. This design improves its movements, creating much-needed flexibility as you work. 

While it features a well-balanced design for fewer vibrations, some users have reported instances of instability. These vibrations might cause persistent movement during operation, which can hinder your safety if not swiftly repaired. 

Consistency and safety

As a professional, wheel safety and equilibrium consistency should be imperative considerations. With this particular bench grinder wheel, these two aspects are not only incorporated, but have been improved for better grinding. 

While knotted wires serve to ensure heavy material removal, highly specified wire grades with internal holding plates provide and enhance safety and uniformity. 

This consistent level equilibrium offers balance, which, in turn, provides smooth and effective performance. The industry standard wire brush is dependable and offers above average wire count. 

With an ability to rotate 4000rpm, this wheel is compatible with almost any 5/8” arbor bench grinder. Nonetheless, it’s best suited to handle moderate jobs. 


  • Compact and lightweight
  • Wire brush is highly reliable
  • Designed to handle moderate tasks
  • Compatible with most 5/8” arbor grinders


  • Although the wheel incorporates modest designs, vibrations can still be detected, but you can easily correct this
  • Even though it’s compatible with most bench grinders, the wheel isn’t recommendable for a buffer or single speed grinder


This wheel adds functionality to your 8” DEWALT bench grinder. The design features a high-count wire brush along with top-quality holding plates. The latter aids to improve safety while the former will ensure consistency and flexibility. If you need reliable bench grinder wheels to work on moderate tasks, look no further. 

4) Forney 72404 60 grit grinding wheel with vitrified bonds– Best Value

Key Features:

  • Highly compatible with most bench grinders
  • Aluminum oxide construction
  • Multi arbor design
  • Vitrified bond finish

Why we like it

The wheel’s design allows up to 4100 revolutions per minute for smooth and fine cuts. It also incorporates a sturdy and robust construction, which is long-lasting. What’s more, it bears a 60-grit construction. 

Convenient and unique design 

This design offers an aggressive yet smooth cutting performance. First, it bears a 60-grit design, which ensures you get fine and clean cuts. This should make your work effortless, especially while working with mild steel. 

Second, it’s constructed using Aluminum oxide, which provides superior vitrified bonding. 

This technology increases its cutting power, creating a suitable choice for working ferrous materials. It also makes it perfect for handling HSS tool bits. 

Again, this design is compatible with most stationary grinders, which makes its operation hassle free. The wheel is accompanied by a 1/2″ arbor reducer that fits most grinder sizes.  However, it fails to fit 3” mini bench grinders. 

Affordable and long-lasting construction

Besides convenience, the Aluminum oxide construction also provides a sturdy design with high permanence. This way, the wheel can perform general grinding tasks, involving hard objects without breaking. If you are looking for durable bench grinder wheels, the Forney 72404 offers an undoubtedly suitable choice. 

It’s best recommended for handling mild materials, with an exception of carbide objects. What’s more, it’s available on a budget, which makes the wheel excellent for anyone working with a tight budget. This makes it a worthy alternative to our editor’s top recommendation, the POWERTEC 15505 8” Aluminum Oxide wheel. There is also the 36-grit Forney wheel, which is best suited to handle minor tasks due to its high vibration level.  


  • Affordable and still high-quality
  • Durable and functional
  • Multi arbor design ensures high compatibility
  • Vitrified bond finish enables mild steel application


  • It’s mostly well-balanced, but you might experience slight wobbling and jostling movements over time, which you can easily correct
  • Although the multi arbor mechanism ensures high compatibility, the wheel does not support 3” mini bench grinders


This type 1 bench grinder wheel is specially designed with Aluminum oxide to accomplish general grinding and sharpening tasks involving mild steel.

Although its not recommended to utilise the wheel for working carbide materials, it’s quite pocket friendly, which makes it a great choice for anyone on a tight budget and whose work doesn’t involve carbide materials. 

5) Norton Aluminum oxide abrasives with 1” arbor

Key Features:

  • Maximum cut rate
  • Cool cutting action
  • Fine performance level
  • Aluminum oxide design

Why we like it

With a maximum rpm of 4140, this bench grinder wheel also comes in different arbor bushing sizes. Also, the white Aluminum oxide design works best with high speed steel tools. And, this deburring wheel can act as a replacement to the soft Scotch-Brite abrasive. 

Design material

Like both the POWERTEC and Forney wheels, this too employs an Aluminum oxide design. The construction is ensued with premium-vitrified bonds that are designed for hard metal application. This allows maximum cut rate and cool cutting action on hardened steel or any other material. 

As such, it’s preferred when handling demanding projects. The design features both bench and pedestal wheels that aid offhand tool sharpening and deburring. However, the two require frequent dressing to avert loading, which might cause excessive damage and heat. This can lead to wheel breakage. Besides this, dressing also exposes new cutting edges. 

Wheel balance

Consistent wheel balance is not only crucial for effortless working, but for preventing grinding breakage and injuries. Although it requires experience and knowledge, properly securing the wheel for better equilibrium is easy. If you, however, find this process daunting, seek the services of a professional. 

This wheel weighs only 1.50 pounds, which is nearly half the weight compared to the POWERTEC wheel. In essence, this trivial mass helps keep the wheel still, with little to no vibrations. However, you must check not to overly tighten the wheel as this might lead to cracks and eventual work piece breakage.


  • Best performance level: very fine 150
  • Perfect for steel and hardened materials
  • Wide array of arbor bushing sizes 
  • Lightweight and well-balanced


  • Constant and frequent dressing will reduce its lifespan by a considerable level
  • Attaining balance is daunting for first-time users


This wheel comes with a vast variety of bushing sizes to fit different bench grinders. Also, the wheel allows a maximum cut rate as well as cool cutting action when cutting hardened steels. Generally, it’s a very reliable bench grinder wheel that’s worth investing in.

Final Words

There are countless grinder wheels on sale, but the best bench grinder wheel can be hard to pick out. However, we have reviewed the top 5 bench grinder wheels in depth to help prospect buyers make a better and informed choice. 

Our undisputed champion is the POWERTEC 15505 wheel, which is fashioned using Aluminum oxide. This provides a superior, premium-vitrified bond that allows effective grinding, sharpening and polishing of hardened materials. What’s more, the blade is rather affordable but ruggedly built, increasing the wheel’s permanence. 

Do let us know your pick from the list above and how you are finding it. All the best!