When using bench grinders, you will require the best bench grinder stands for balance and safety. The best options allow experts to work a vast of workpieces comfortably and effortlessly. 

And even though the market has countless selections in different fascinating designs and dimensions, landing a suitable choice can be daunting. However, listing your needs beforehand is important in making the endeavor less disheartening.

As such, our editors constantly scavenge through the various options to find the ideal bench grinder stands to meet different needs. Continue reading to see our best recommendations … 

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Top 5 Best Bench Grinder Stands in 2020

1) WEN Cast iron pedestal bench grinder stand with water pot – Best Choice

Key Features:

  • Universal conformity
  • On-board water pot
  • Heavy-duty construction
  • Dimensions: 9.2 x 12.4 x 31.5

What we like

If you are looking for the best bench grinder mounts, consider this magnificent piece from WEN manufacturers. The stand comes in a heavy-duty design that improves both stability and permanence. The 9.2 * 12.4 dimensions also allow you to try out several bolt orientations while increasing safety and comfort.  

Additionally, the stand encompasses a universal design that virtually supports all WEN bench grinders.

Stability and compatibility

This stand uses cast steel and iron materials to facilitate a stable base that neither wobbles nor “walks” as you work. This improved stability lowers vibration effects from the bench grinder, which in effect, reduces skews and jostles. 

This is made possible by the WEN pedestal, which provides an independent support to place your bench grinder. However, if you feel the workpiece is still not firmly secured, just fasten the base bolts at the bottom.

This affordable mount comes in different sizes, but this doesn’t affect its compatibility with popular bench grinders. And as said earlier, it conforms with a dynamic variety of WEN, if not all, grinder designs. 


Besides build firmness, this bench grinder mount is quite conveniently built. First, it comes with a 31.5-inch stand together with an on-board metal cooler. The water pot serves a number of functions; but the most notable is quenching sweltering workpieces.

This sturdy design is constructed carefully along with rear hooks on the mounting plate. The primary function of the hooks is to ensure rather distracting cords stay out of the way. This, in turn, improves productivity.


  • Compatible with all WEN bench grinders
  • Cost-effective design
  • Reduced wobbling and walking
  • Accommodates several bolt orientations


  • The restricted mounting platform discourages drill pressing
  • Although allows ground bolting, using it as vice stand is difficult


Undoubtedly, this is the best choice for anyone looking for a budget top bench grinder stand with a taste for quality. The stand features an iron and steel casted design which offers rock solid stability for improved safety and comfort.

Moreover, its water pot feature keeps the workpiece cool, avoiding damage on the soft inner metals and increases efficiency. 

2) HTC HGP adjustable bench grinder stand – Best Value

Key Features:

  • Safe and stable 
  • Adjustable feet
  • Adjustable height
  • Dimensions: 41.5 x 6 x 50 

What we like 

The HGP-10 is also among the best bench grinder stands in 2020. It sports several features and it’s quite sturdy for enhanced durability. However, compared with the Wen stand above, this doesn’t incorporate as heavy-duty construction materials.

Nonetheless, the metal stand is still durable, easy to use and offers the best value considering its brilliant and safe design. 

This adjustable stand comes with a pre-installed 8.5” x 9.5” mounting plate. What’s more, the plate offers a perfect and adjustable platform to place a variety of, but not all, bench grinders. 


For maximum stability and added firmness, this top bench grinder stand encompasses a wedge shaped arrangement on the pedestal. This ensures a rock solid platform as the arrangement tightens under load. The bench grinder mount also exhibits a wide stance base that increases the base area. 

The widened base area allows the stand to adopt better stability and the adjustable feet better firmness. Moreover, the mount comes with an inner Wedge lock that serves to improve firmness even when dealing with heavy workpieces.


This bench grinder mount is simply outstanding because of its adjustable height. It allows height adjustments from 25-inch to 41-inch (635 mm to 1 m). The main reason for this is to enable experts to find an ideal working height.

Again, this grinder stand allows you to work with different bench grinder weights. Essentially, the stand can support 300 – 500 pounds of load. 

This means your work won’t be restrained due to heavy workloads. Nonetheless, the workpiece needs to be able to fit on the 8.5-inch x 9.5-inch (216 mm x 241 mm) plate for the best results.


  • Features a pre-drilled mounting plate
  • Presents a lifetime warranty
  • Supports a height adjustment features
  • Wide-stance feet allow better stability


  • Like the above product, the platform can’t support bench top drill presses without a fitting base
  • Supports light work and therefore, might not allow a 6″ 30 pound Irwin vice installation

This is certainly one of the best bench grinder stands in terms of value. It comes with a square 17″ x 17″ as well as 16″*16″ center-to-center rubber feet.

With this grinder stand, you could mount a small 1 ton arbor press to the wooden base and work on any material including leather. 

3) SUNEX 5003 bench grinder with universal pedestal – Premium Choice

Key Features:

  • Sturdy base
  • Easy installation
  • Efficient design
  • Dimensions: 27.2 x 21.2 x 4.3 

What we like

This stand offers your bench grinder excellent mobility and you the flexibility that you need when working with them. It’s efficient and thus allows you to save more time and energy.

Mounting this grinder stand on the floor will augment its safety and stability. And, the installation process is made easier by existing screw holes at the base. Unlike the previous products though, its robust base allows use as a vice. 


This bench grinder stand comes with several functional features. The first one is the classy and durable design, which besides increasing longevity is also aesthetically pleasing. 

Second, the stand is well-designed to house both SUN5001A and SUN5002A bench grinders. Nonetheless, the stand can still support most bench grinders that range between 6″ and 8″. 

Although that range doesn’t encompass every bench grinder, the majority of popular options fall within here. Therefore, it’s essential to confirm if the stand is indeed compatible with the bench grinder in your possession before purchase.


The strong base serves the same purpose; which is to improve stability. And, the dual pre-drilled holes soften the installation process and also boost firmness

Besides the stability boost, the holes also augment the overall stand safety. Also, the universal pedestal plays a crucial role in ensuring the bench grinder is safely secured, especially when working. This allows you to close in on your work and get even better productivity. 

What’s more, the stand is 36″ high, which offers an excellent working height for most users, thus eliminating the need for constant adjustments. 


  • Efficiency saves you time and money
  • Conforms with all 6″ and 8″ bench grinders
  • Pre-drilled holes make installation easier
  • Sturdy base allows use a vice stand


  • The fixed height might be inconvenient to some


If you are looking for premium quality bench grinder stands, this option offers an ideal and premium choice. This is because it offers a 36″ working height that accommodates to different experts’ preferences.

Moreover, the base is robust for improved stability and the pre-drilled holes allow ground bolting. This is perfect, especially if you have SUN5001A and SUN5002A bench grinders.

4) Grizzly H7763 best industrial bench grinder stand

Key Features:

  • Built-in coolant tray
  • Tripod legs
  • Universal mounting holes
  • Dimensions:15.7 x 31.4 x 3.9

What we like

This bench grinder mount is conveniently built with utmost precision and quality in mind. The stand uses a widened base to attain rock solid stability. The legs also serve to reduce vibrations from the power tool, which would otherwise cause safety concerns. 

Another remarkable feature is the cooling mechanism that quenches sweltering metals during work. 

Additionally, the stand works as a bench vice to mount items weighing 20 – 30lbs. However, for this to happen you need to install a wide circular base that’ll prevent tipping. Even though the mounting plate isn’t as big as other mounts, the space works well for common non-heavy workpieces. 

However, this stand is a tad pricey, but totally worth it.


If flexibility is one of your main concerns, this is the ideal workbench for your powerful bench grinder. This stand offers impeccable grinding flexibility thanks to the rather large mounting platform. With this bench grinder mount, your tools will also be greatly mobile.

And, in the long run, this reduces complacency and time wastage. Also thanks to the tripod stand, the mount offers solid stability which is essential for safety. The three legs also facilitate the reduction of vibrations during buffing, cutting or sharpening. 


Apart from the in-built cooler tray for hot metal quenching, this stand comes with a set of universal mounting holes. The holes are essential for screwing different bench grinders into place. Although this allows the stand to support many different bench grinders, the mount can’t take rather heavy machines like the HGP-10. 

It’s also important to note the mounting bolts pattern of different bench grinders. Knowing this will allow an easy and more straightforward installation process. Moreover, the stand sits at only 32″, which makes it suitable for a variety of grinding functions. 


  • Coolant tray prevents metal overheating
  • Tripod legs offer better stability
  • Mounting platform creates better flexibility
  • Easy to install and use


  • Requires a wider base for supporting heavy items


This 3-point base bench grinder stand is convenient, flexible and durable. Even though the stand can’t handle very heavy bench grinders, the tripod legs offer a strong base.

This improves stability and safety. The stand also comes with a mounting platform and a coolant tray. 

5) Pit Bull bench grinder mount

Key Features:

  • Pre-drilled installation holes
  • Heavy-duty steel construction
  • Powder coated
  • Dimensions:18.5 x 15 x 2.8 

What we like

The Pit Bull bench grinder stand is an absolute work of art. This rather light stand is an effective tool built from rugged materials. The stand is quite affordable and it’s a good choice for anyone searching for a budget top bench grinder stand.  

Once bought, the assembling instructions are straight and easy to follow; the detailed and coherent diagrams offer a simpler and less draining way to install the stand. 

Moreover, we also like the rubber wheels as they absorb most vibrations, making the stand more firm and rooted. However, placing an 8″ or larger bench grinder can hinder this feature, which reduces vibration absorption.  


The base size of this workbench alternative measures 18-7/8″ x 19-3/4″. This large base is essential for creating a larger area to give the stand more firmness. Again, it also features a steel pedestal which is needed for added stability. 

The steel material is also important in increasing the stand’s longevity and resistance against wear and tear agents. And, like WEN, this stand’s steel structure plays a pivotal part in stability. 


Like the SUNEX 5003 bench grinder, this too, comes with pre-drilled holes. The function remains universal as the holes make for easy bench grinder installations. Another convenient feature promoted by this table is the 1-5/16″ x 2-1/2″x 13 3/8″ tool tray. 

The tray provides more tool mobility and this translates to more flexibility on your part, similar to Grizzly H7763. What’s more, the Pit Bull stand is coated with a special powder that prevents the build of rust, even in humid conditions


  • Powder coating prevents rust buildups
  • Steel design improves durability
  • Easy-to-use and install
  • Quite affordable


  • Absence of a leveling feet might make the stand wobble on flat surfaces
  • The small top limits the size and mass of workpiece materials workers can sharpen or cut.


This is by far the cheapest option on the list. However, this doesn’t downplay the stand’s amazing and convenient features.

This bench grinder stand is rust-free thanks to the powder coating on the steel pedestal. It also features a wide base for improved stability and the holes make for an easy installation. 

Final Thoughts

Bench grinders are essential power tools in many industries. And, because of this, bench grinder stands are equally important. Besides improving safety and reducing vibrations, these stands present a score of helpful specifications. 

Try our editor’s top recommendation, the WEN, which is a cost-effective and safer alternative to traditional workbenches. The stand has an in-built water pot for metal cooling. It also sports a universally compatible design that works with virtually all WEN bench grinders. 

Alternatively, try out our second pick, HTC HGP-10. This particular stand features an adjustable feet as well as convertible pedestal, which users can lower or raise for the best working position. Nonetheless, the best bench grinder stands should be the ones that wholly cater for your work needs. 

Do let us know which you settled for, and how you are finding it. All the best!