Angle grinders are available in a variety of shapes and sizes, all of which perform the same three basic functions: cutting, grinding and polishing. These procedures are achieved with the help of attachments.

These grinders are available even in compressed air, electric (corded and cordless), or even gas units. Angle grinder discs, cups, and blades make them perfect for many forms of construction and repair.

Although we are familiar with the uses of angular grinders for many, the question is still unanswered: “What is an angle grinder used for?” The article will surely blow out the ambiguities in one’s mind.

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What does an angle grinder actually do?

The wait is over and the answer is here for those who were wondering what does an angle grinder do? An angle grinder is composed of various parts most importantly abrasive wheels for removing the stubborn rust, cutoff wheel for cutting metals, diamond wheel for cutting the stones and bricks and grinding wheels to sharpen the tools. For further detail click on the video right away and enjoy watching it!

What is an angle grinder used for?

This tool is helpful for workshops, service garage, auto repairs, or home and hobbyist. An angle grinder is used for a variety of projects including auto bodywork, Mansory, metalwork, and carpentry. It is further used for the following reasons:

  • Roof cladding
  • Cutting
  • Grinding
  • Polishing
  • For sharpening garden tools
  • Removing grout for tuckpointing
  • Scoring tile
use of angle grinders to cut metals

1. Auto Body Work

Auto body fixes indicate to fix the cars that are hit by accidents. These fixes require a wide array of tools to cut off old parts, to join new parts to the car, fill holes, repair scratches, fixing dents, and make the car look as good as new.

1.1. Removing Paint

This tool helps to remove old paint from flat surfaces without damaging the metal underneath. The “auto artist” further polishes the metal before any painting can begin.

1.2. Rust Removal

Angle grinder also excels in removing rust which is a great choice when there’s only a layer of rust and you desire for preserving the metal underneath. It can even work for totally eroded sections and wiping off the oxidized metal to obtain a clean surface for the repair work.


Masonry is the construction of building from the individual units that are bound together by mortar. The term masonry also refers to the units themselves.

2.1. Cutting Ceramic Tile

The versatile angle cutter makes quick work of tiles, leaving a crisp, even edge. Simply grab a dry-cut diamond wheel and score about 1/8 inch deep. It works similar to a wet tile saw but requires more precision

2.2. Removing Old Mortar

You can easily replace your old chisel set with the most updated grinders for cleaning out between bricks without chipping them. Although it is a super dusty job yet quite satisfying.

2.3. Stone Cutting

A good angle grinder can cut through the hardest stones while creating smooth cuts every time. Smaller grinders give extra mobility to perform the job in no time. To do the job flawlessly you’ll be needing a dry-cut diamond blade for this task.


Metalworking deals with metals to create and assemble individual parts, or large-scale metal structures. The large-scale structures include the work of large ships and bridges until the precise engine parts and delicate jewelry. It is an amalgamation of versatile skills, processes, and tools.

3.1. Cleaning Metal

Metals that are beyond a simple wipe-down angle grinders can clean them in a blink of an eye. It can wipe off dirt, rust, chipped paint, and even cement fragments from your tools. Prefer using the cup for large volume and flat surfaces while preferring the wheel for reaching those crevasses and smaller surfaces.

3.2. Cutting Metal

An angle grinder is a helpful tool for cutting metals and for slicing through the hardest of the metals in seconds. The grinder is compatible with all metals but it works specifically to cut-off the heads of harder metals compared to conventional tools.

3.3. Polishing Metal

There’s nothing more dreary than a metal surface with no shine. Starting from sanding discs to remove any scratches, you can prefer buffing pads to obtain that flawless sheen. Be extra cautious during the process!


Carpentry is a skill that demands the cutting, shaping, and installation of building materials during the process of constructing infrastructures.

4.1. Carving Wood

Quickly cut the swathes of wood pulp using an abrasive carving disc. It is a perfect way to go for rough shaping wood but is too powerful for fine cuts. In short, use this for your kitchen table legs, but stay away from using it for the kitchen table in your child’s dollhouse.

4.2. Planning Wood

A carving wheel can handle multiple planning tasks. Just like an abrasive carving disc, the carving wheel has a toothed surface.

4.3. Sanding Wood

For smoothing uncompromising surfaces abrasive flip discs are used especially to deal with turbo-powered sandling. The discs are available in versatile forms to give a smooth finish like a baby’s bottom to the rough sandal wood surfaces. Save your precious time and invest in something that worths your effort.

Wrapping Up

From cutting till smoothing, the angle grinder is here to support even the most exhausting tasks just in a heartbeat. What is an angle grinder used for and what does an angle grinder do? Both are the sibling questions and it is hoped they are well answered in the article while leaving no space in your minds to stay ambiguous.